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General Information

900 turbo classic 8 valve apc
155 elfenben
custom one-off build by saab - mash up of saudi spec, sport & lux trim with all the add ons, custom velour sports seats instead of leather and no sunroof.
rather long! better to read it here:

For a TL;DR :
1 - my dad bought her new in 1984 in Oman.
2 - she's a one off custom build by saab.
3 - flown back to the UK in 1988, mostly kept in climate controlled garage and rarely used.
4 - light restoration 2008 & taken to France
5 - handed over to me and brought back from France 2016.
6 - averaged about 3,500 miles per year over her lifetime, FSH. (VERY FULL!)
1084 saab 900 turbo classic 8 valve apc (155 elfenben)


2 litre 8 valve apc turbo, unmodified, on original turbo
cashmere velour sports seats cut to the pattern of the leather seats rather than the usual velour seat pattern, champagne/beige interior all standard, black dash. KMPH clocks standard. Left Hand Drive. A/C, cruise control, front and rear electric windows
none! her whole value lies in the fact that she was built to be unique, so to deviate from that would devalue her uniqueness. There are two minor but easily replaceable changes to how she left the factory, and I plan to change them back shortly - she's currently wearing the wrong (chromed) grille when she should have the graphite black sports, not lux grille, but it's clips are broken so I need a replacement. Also she did have inca alloys but my dad swapped them for aero 3 spokes some time in the 1990s so I need to replace them with another set of incas.

She has a sump guard fitted by saab, electric wingmirrors, she did have factory fitted sports side stripes, which were a rare saab option that very few people apparently had fitted - I'm yet to find another photo of a saab wearing them. I thought I found one but it turned out that he'd seen The Old Girl and had her stripes copied!

In 2008 the decals guy was supposed to measure, photograph, and replicate the original side stripes to be replaced after her respray, but he messed up in many ways, one of which was not getting the thick stripe the right shape at the back quarter panels, where it was supposed to gently taper up to the rear light, instead he left it straight.

He said he couldn't do the same beige for the top stripe as it wasn't guaranteed not to fade, so instead we compromised with a non fading flat gold stripe, that looks nice, but isn't original.

In the future I hope to get the stripes re-done properly to EXCACTLY match the originals.

Despite all the luxury options elsewhere, she has sports spec exterior trim in black instead of chrome, and no sunroof, as the model should have had. Her paint code on the chassis doesn't match what she was painted (new) by saab because they hauled a shell off the production line to customise that had been destined to be another colour instead. It shows no trace of ever having been the other colour, so it seems the paint code was disregarded but no one thought to change the label.
standard saab speakers. currently a 1990s era blaupunkt radio cassette, but may upgrade slightly as we have a spare head unit knocking around and the other half was a professional stereo installer in his previous career.

She has an original electric aerial, I remember being fascinated by this as a kid as very few cars had them back then.
standard sports suspension from saab
Wheel and Tire
currently the wrong aero 3 spoke alloys, started off with inca alloys, will be changing back to them again so she's concours.



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