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Fully loaded
As of late May 2014, has 151k miles. Purchased about a month ago from an elderly gentleman. Been garaged most of her life. Though not in showroom condition, lots of life left. No mods, all stock. Needs relatively minor fixes. Fuel pump seals, which I believe are causing a gas odor while driving. No puddles even after being parked for a few days. Instrument cluster flickers on n off. Heat control knob is cracked, headliner is sagging, dented wheel, rust spots here n there, missing floor mats. Headlight wipers out of sync. UPDATE: August 2014 - 153k miles - lots of fixes done including many listed above. Fuel odor was from a leaky boot connecting the filler neck to the tank. Fixed. Fuel pump is ok I think... Wobbly headlight insert refitted. Removed the ridiculous headlight wipers. Maybe I'll fart around with the gears in em if I run out of other things to do.
I swear by Marvel Mystery Oil. Noticeably smoother operation as soon as I added it to my gas. I put a bit into the oil, but I'm topped up already. I'll do the recommended 20% substitute next oil change (2-3k more miles).
1995 Saab 900S (Black)


Stock - 2.3L B234i inline slant 4cyl DOHC. Very smooth and well balanced. So far I've replaced the valve cover gasket, Bosch fuel filter, distributor cap, throttle body coolant hose, spark plugs and wires, pcv valve and hose, vacuum lines, cabin air filter, SAI valve, hood shocks, air filter, and a few clamps. Cleaned the MAF sensor, IAC valve and throttle body. My first oil change on 6/1/14. QS full synthetic. New plug and seal. Bosch filter.
Clean, but stretched seatback pockets. Missing floor mats. Back seats look almost new. Passenger seat a little used. Drivers seat worn, one tear along seat belt side. Dried goo in the handbrake brushes (replaced). Handbrake is seized in the lowered position. Dash looks new. No cracks or tears. Steering wheel is worn. Hand grip is rough to the touch. Headliner is sagging a little, but had the front section refitted when I replaced the windshield.
UPDATE: October 2014- Picked a clean leather steering wheel from a '97 900s. Installing it soon.
Repainted rear SAAB and 900S logos. Resprayed front/rear bumpers, windshield trim and molding under the doors. Used plastic restorer on mirrors, door trim and engine bay. Replaced hood badge. Resprayed extra grille from the junkyard.
One witty driver. Bad: No cd changer. Tape deck doesn't work. Rear speakers blown/shorted. Good: Pixels on SID all working. All other functions work. cold a/c. hot heat. Cruise works. Remote starter.
UPDATE: October 2014- found a Clarion 6-disc changer in the same car I got the steering wheel from. Might go back for the cable... I suck at electronics so I'll probly bring it to an expert.
Stock. Not pretty to look at, but feels fine to me. Probably could be better. I'm poking around at how to replace most of the stuff under here. Most bushings look exhausted. Layers of rust flaking off of the shocks. The mounts look very clean though. Nothing broken but all of it is tired.
UPDATE: October 2014- front rotors/pads purchased, but a friend says all looks well. Slight wobble upon braking as well as a few squeaks. Keeping the parts ready.
Wheel and Tire
Stock 15 spoke wheels. Continental tires. Wooooo!



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