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General Information

9-5 Aero Stage 3
Metallic Silver
2 previous owners; 1st unknown, the 2nd a motorhead/auto detailer from NY; he had big plans for the car but sold it before really getting going. when i bought it, it had the GS open air intake and a Forge diverter valve; these little mods inspired me to pick up where he left off; no accidents per carfax when i south it, but it did catch the a blow from a big falling branch in March 2016, which led to a new hood, windshield and dash
2007 Saab 9-5 Aero Stage 3 (Metallic Silver)


-do88 performance intercooler
-Forge piston diverter valve
-K&N cold air intake w/ hydroshield
-"Bold mod" & silicone vacuum lines
-3" custom turboback exhaust by Finch Welding & Fabrication in Westford, MA (includes race cat, 2 18" resonators and Dynomax Super Turbo muffler)
-Bosch 3.5 bar FPR (ford escort cosworth OEM)
-Mike D Stage 2 tune (= maptun stage 3?)
-PIAA ultra white fog lights (these look nice but i wouldn't recommend ultra white fog lights after using them - get a really good set of yellow fogs that actually increase visibility in the fog...)
-No city/parking lights (pulled em)
-Tech 2 headlight programming to "Euro" mode
-State of nine door cup holder (crucial)
-None, but paint, glass, plastic are very well cared for; clayed, buffed and coated in Gtechniq C1, EXOv2 year for first few years; Summer 2016 I started using Cquartz UK and Reload on paint and plastic, Gtechniq G5 on glass; i just like it to shed water and dirt, look clean
-Upgraded speakers
-Kicker subwoofer in trunk
-Koni FSD Struts w/ Aero springs
-SAS Sway Bars (front and rear) w/ SAS poly bushings
-Powerflex poly subframe, control arm, rear trailing arm, torque rod bushings
-Moog front end links
Wheel and Tire
-Stoptech Cryo-treated blank rotors
-Hawk performance ceramic brake pads
-Goodridge stainless steel brake lines
-2004 9-5 Aero/5-Spoke EVO wheels
-Dedicated winter and summer tires



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