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Was my moms car that she got for when she traded in her 2011 dodge ram pickup. Was completely screwed on trade. I started helping her fix all the problems it had and she eventually gave it to me. Compression is great in all cylinders.
Replaced the PCV first thing and updated to #6, then found out the turbo was blown. Replaced that and valve cover gasket, dropped sump and cleaned out, and oil pump o rings. Oil sludge was not too bad. Then found the upper radiator hose connection at the radiator was cracking. Just replaced radiator and thermostat and going to replace the temp sensor due to the fans never coming on, already replaced and checked all fuses and relays so hoping it is just the sensor.
sent in SID for repair but is already having mission pixels again so going to resend it in under warranty with BBA REMAN. Took to a Saab mechanic to have the vents correctly repaired so that it will change direction correctly and he used correct kit with the metal parts to repair not plastic.
Replaced almost everything on the front end including struts and breaks.
I have much more to do such as new fog lights needed, headlight wipers don't work, radio keeps going out, A/C clutch is gone so new A/C is needed, going to replaced all engine mounts and sub-frame bushings and a lot of other smaller things.
The car drives wonderfully with new suspension and love the look and power.
1999 Saab 9-5 (Black)



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