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Showcase cover image for RadioFlyer's 1980 Saab 900 turbo

General Information

900 turbo
Aquamarine Blue
Purchased this one sight-unseen in Oregon in 2010 with 87k original miles. It had sat in the high desert since 1994 before being rescued and partially restored by an enthusiast. Rebuilt engine and a ton of parts in the back - never installed. After not being started for over a year, she started right up and made the 14-hour drive back to Utah without a hitch! All original, missing nothing. Tons of accessories accumulated in my basement, ready to install. She is stripped down now, waiting for good weather for a fresh coat of paint. I have owned 14 c900s in my time and this so far is my favorite!
1980 Saab 900 turbo (Aquamarine Blue)


Original 8-valve B-engine

Refinished red valve cover

Ceramic coated exhaust and heat shields

Rebuilt turbo

Rebuilt alternator

New clutch

Saab accessory Omni-Cool intercooler (soon to come)

Saab sport and rally skid plate (soon to come)
Seats reskinned with original 1980 blue seat skins shipped from Australia

Saab sport and rally steering wheel

Reburbished and now crack-free dash

'79 dash fascia with original blue details in tact

Original aftermarket tape deck/radio from early 1980s

Original "turbo" glove box door

OEM Saab accessory center console with original working VDO gauges - volts, oil temperature, ambient air temperature

OEM Saab floor mats

2 OEM Saab under-seat trash cans

1980 gauge cluster replaced with another 1980 cluster with exactly 900k miles more than original 91k miles. Soon to be replaced with a '79 130mph speedo.
New paint soon with reproduction 99 "Saab Turbo" rally stripes!

E-code headlights

Refinished OEM Saab louvres

Original double-vented hood

"Wagonback" logo vent covers (soon to come)

Refinished original grille and headlight bezels with original larger Turbo emblem

Gold badges from 1982 turbo

Sway bars from a 1990 SPG

NOS Bosch round rally lights

NOS Bosch amber fogs

Original green tint glass all around

OEM 99 Saab luggage rack (or OEM Saab roof/ski rack depending on season)

OEM Saab mud flaps (soon to come)

Refurbished bumpers with new chrome

New weather stripping all around
Early accessory 2-knob radio (business card taped to the top of the deck under the dash indicated it was installed in 1982)
Replaced shocks and springs with OEM in late 90s - not a bang or a sound. Smooth as can be. Soon to be replaced with Intrax lowering springs and Koni Reds.

Sway bars from a 1990 SPG
Wheel and Tire
Soon-to-be refinished original Inca rims

3-piece mesh racing rims. Apparently these were offered by only one dealer in CA in 1986 only for the Saab 900 to make it sportier with rims to match the Porsche 911. This is the only pair I have ever seen in person.



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