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General Information

9-3 ARC vert
laser red
VIN: YS3FD79Y146008751
Model: Saab 9-3 (9440)
Model Year: 2004
Body type: 2-door Convertible (CV)
Engine: B207R 4-inline, Turbo, PETROL, TURBO (B207 R)
Gearbox: automatique 5 rapports / Front wheel drive
Plant: Graz, Austria
Market: Model series II

...and I think she's a Sagittarius (Dec/03) :)

This car was corporate owned until 2006. It was then sold to a man and his wife who lived on the beach up near Emerald Isle.

As I understand things the wife loved the car and religiously maintained it. Taking into consideration the age and fact that it was kept right on the beach it's in fantastic shape.

I saw the car for the first time in October of 2016 and it was love at first sight. The man who it brought it in for trade looked about 70 something, very much all business, a little cranky and possibly ex military. (Just a hunch)

Its in need of some minor work. Repairs to the top and probably a new starter in the near future.

Long term goals are to upgrade the audio system, do some minor tuning and some basic modifications.
2004 Saab 9-3 ARC vert (laser red)



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