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General Information

9-5 (9600)
#279 Steel Gray Metallic
[FONT="Calibri"][SIZE="4"][URL=""]YS3EH48G213051757[/URL], Built in April of 2001 on Line A, Trollhattan, Sweden.

I'm the 2nd owner. Purchased in 2010 with 85k. Currently at 120k. Previous owner had vehicle dealer serviced since purchased new in 2001. A beautifully maintained Aero. SAAB's are a rare find in my small town which makes it even more fun to own.

This is the 3rd 9⁵ titled at our home and now belongs to my wife. My daily driver is a black [URL=""]'06 9-3 SportCombi V6/6MT[/URL]
2001 SAAB 9-5 (9600) (#279 Steel Gray Metallic)


[URL=""]Brew City Boost[/URL] stage 3 ECU remap. 330ftlbs and 290hp

[URL=""]Brew City Boost[/URL] recirculating blow off valve.

Turbo intake upgraded to the stainless steel [URL=""]Krona Performance[/URL] cobra pipe.

Boost controller has been bypassed. BOV takes instruction now from true manifold pressure using the [URL=""]Taliaferro T7 modification[/URL].

Upgraded power wiring using 2 gauge high current cable. This included the alternator to battery positive, battery ground to chassis and battery ground to engine. Clean free flowing power!

Inhale: Custom cold air intake by modification of the stock intake plumbing. The Spectre HPR open air filter sits directly behind passenger fog light. A nice pronounced Pshhhhhhhhh!

Exhuast: Full 3" stainless steel system. 3" down pipe, racing cat and 3" exhaust by [URL=""]Krona Performance[/URL].

[URL=""]Brew City Boost[/URL] stage 3 ECU remap. 330ftlbs and 290hp

Gloss black dash. Used black appliance epoxy and several coats of clear, wet sanding between coats.

[COLOR="Green"][B]The SID and ACC color change[/B][/COLOR] was accomplished by replacing all bulbs with twist in "T5" bulbs. If you also want to switch out your heated/cooled seats those are "T3" bulbs. They take 2 each. I ordered those from [URL=""]this site[/URL] and have been working for a year now with no trouble. It is the color of the lights that dictate the color of the SID/ACC, not the displays themselves.

[URL=""]Custom security (dummy) faceplate made from SAAB's AS3 headunit. [/URL]

I have repurposed a Samsung Charge with a new operating system and dedicate it to running [URL=""]Torque-Pro[/URL] and CoPilot Live exclusively. The Wi-Fi and GPS function perfectly without a provider. I made a custom fiberglass mount and color matched it to the dash. [URL=""](Read about my experience with the Torque App here)[/URL] Also if you're interested in how I made the fiberglass clip, you can read that thread [URL=""]here[/URL].

The change holder has also been repurposed as a memory card reader. It's connected by USB to my headunit via the center console. This has reduced the clutter of CD's down to a couple media cards in the dash pocket.

A wired microphone routes from the stereo up through the drivers a-pillar, headliner and ends at the overhead controls. I can dial, search my contacts and speak handsfree.
I've got multiple grilles for my Saab. It's easy to do and can change with my mood. You can see the different grilles I've made and how I made them [URL=""]here[/URL].

Using a Bosch relay I modded the stock fog light switch. Now the fogs can be turned on/off separate from the headlights but still turn on and off with the ignition. Very simple mod.

City Lights activated without Tech2. ([URL=""]read walk through[/URL])

I finally finished my Radio Flyer roof rack attachment. This began as a new 36" red Radio Flyer wagon. I deglossed with steel wool and xylol then applied an appliance epoxy in black. The decals came from the only seller of them on eBay. They are a light grey color. It functions as a roof top cargo carrier or basket. I've drilled the holes but have not yet found the right netting for it. Decided to go with Radio "Jet" for obvious reasons. "Radio Jet" was a Radio Flyer model that was introduced in the early sixties I believe? You can see [URL=""]more pictures here[/URL].

Color matched Ameba boot lip spoiler installed 1/2014.[/SIZE][/FONT]
Currently running the [URL=""]Pioneer p4400bh[/URL] utilizing its onboard digital time-alignment and cross-overs. The 4v preouts are sent to a [URL=""]Precision Power s760.4[/URL] amplifier which powers both the front stage and subwoofers. Front stage is nothing less than the [URL=""]Diamond Audio Hex[/URL] series components. They are best sounding drivers I have ever heard and I got them for only $180!

The audio equipment sits in a fan cooled rack immediately below the parcel shelf. The rear of the shelf is hinged where it meets the steel top of the interior trunk opening. This allows it to drop down should I need it make an adjustment. Otherwise the rack is always in the up position. Sunk a SAAB emblem in just for kicks.

Subwoofer enclosure. I'm running 2 10" shallow mount Pioneers in a slim, acoustic suspension (sealed) box. A 10" sub is very responsive as there is less mass to move back and forth when compared to larger subwoofers. While it does require more power to run a sealed subwoofer, the result is very pleasing, tight and accurate bass note when compared to a ported enclosure.
Installed the complete [URL=""]PFS lowering kit[/URL] from parts for SAAB's which provides a 1.37in (35mm) reduction in height. I think that is mildly reduced when replacing Aero suspension. Definitely lower. The "after" measurements can be found in [URL=""]this thread[/URL] along with reviews from some of the first to install the kit. Front wheel gap is now at 1.37 inches and the rear is about .25 inches. Very pleased. :D

Installed 2x .6mm [URL=""]Taliaferro camber shims[/URL] from Genuine Saab on both left and right rear hubs. I was about 3 degrees negative due to the previous rear suspension.

Wheel and Tire
The BBS RK Five-Elevens. Better known as the RK2's. Favorite wheel option ever available for Saab. Mine had seen better days. I refinished them Summer of 2013.
[URL=""]View my BBS RK2 refinishing thread[/URL]. Center color is Rust-oleum "Steel" wheel paint with Rust-oleum wheel clear. Barrels are polished aluminum, sealed with [URL=""]GlistenPC[/URL].

Current rubber: Falken Azenis PT722




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