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General Information

900 T CV
White/black top
Rescued for $650 with the rental insurance allowance money from what is now my 94 beater Saab.
At the time, the roof was full of holes, the alternator worn out, windscreen wiper arm cable broken, rear left window motor fried and vacuum hoses all dried out. The radio was original factory and antenna was a broken manual.

These problems were remedied with swapped parts from my beater Saab. The driver's seat apaulstry was torn, which I swapped for a used skin on eBay.

This car isn't listed for sale, but I will consider offers of $3,500+ or a trade for a 1986 900 2dr (notchback), a 1977+ 99 EMS 2dr (notchback) or a 1993 900 Commemoritive 3dr (+10% negotiated value) -or similar. All trades considered must be of at least equal condition.
1988 SAAB 900 T CV (White/black top)


2003 Alpine, swapped from the "Pheonix".

I'd like to figure out how to teather an IPad mini to the aux in, but haven't got there yet. This is mostly because I want to be able to quickly swap it through all my cars, including a '53 Willys CJ3b. Fitting an aftermarket stereo with this feature at $700 a pop for cars that only drive 2,000 miles per year each would be ludicrous. I'm not bowled over by all the mod-cons in newer cars, except I've found sat-nav takes all the guess work out and I've been really impressed with the blue tooth phone and MP3 capabilities of newer cars, like my wife's Honda Civic.
Wheel and Tire
Wheels were swapped for wider 9000 CD "Turbo Fan" wheels; Michelin Rain-X



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