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  1. Rear seat bottom stuck

    C900 Workshop
    Yay. My work here is done...
  2. Rear seat bottom stuck

    C900 Workshop
    Hopefully these will help..
  3. Newbie (sort of) with a 1993 900S

    C900 Workshop
    As Jim says...:-)
  4. Newbie (sort of) with a 1993 900S

    C900 Workshop
    As Jim says... I've never done a timing chain on a 900. Driven 150k+ miles in them, never had a problem. Change your fluids, listen to the car, drive sensibly and you'll be fine.
  5. stumbling in the rain

    C900 Workshop
    Take your distributor cap off and dry it out, along with plug leads into it. Might as well do the coil leads as well while you are there.
  6. 900 clutch change can be easy

    C900 Workshop
    Removing the bonnet does make the job a *lot* easier though...glad you are all sorted! :)
  7. Shock Bushing Replacement

    C900 Workshop
    Why do you want to replace the bushings on 200 mile shocks?
  8. Unorthodox Engine Removal Question

    C900 Workshop
    Yes. I've done cut up 2 C900's and now today nearly finished doing a third: You can do as Mr P and Jim say as well. I'm not doing this again. :nono; What the heck was I thinking? Anyway, it is possible. Cut away as much of the car as you can to aid access and disassemble the engine from the...
  9. 1987 900S Clutch, Throwoutbearing, Master Cylinder

    C900 Workshop
    What tends to happen is over extension introduces the seals to new parts of the cylinder which wear the seals: the seals can then no longer seal properly in their original operating zone. The hassle of rebuilding the slave and installing everything, only to find the slave goes kaputt again and...
  10. What did you do on your Classic 900 today?

    C900 Workshop
    Thanks - it's not a turbo though....yet :cheesy:
  11. What did you do on your Classic 900 today?

    C900 Workshop
    The rear wheels are half of what came on this cars replacement - BK Racing 17 inch well heavy monstrosities. The car is too rusty to pass an MOT, so is getting cut up and donating its parts to its replacement and to the general Saab-stores-in-the-shed. :roll: This is the replacement, 1992 900i:
  12. Alternator Exciter

    C900 Workshop
    Been away all these years and I'm still useful :p Good to hear it is sorted :cool:
  13. Alternator Exciter

    C900 Workshop
    The alternator has the infamous black wire, that often gets broken and causes problems...
  14. 1990 Saab 900 losing battery power

    C900 Workshop
    Reminds me of when I put a battery from a VW Beetle in the Saab, just to swap them over and keep the charge: Beetle terminals were opposite to the Saab ones. Que one smokey kaput alternator and a trip to the scrapyard to get another alternator...:roll:
  15. Rear Speaker Removal - '92 Hatchback

    C900 Workshop
    4 small nuts on bolts is what I remembered when I changed my rear speakers on the '91 hatchback. No need to remove C pillar trim IIRC.
  16. For Sale: 1984 Turbo manual gearbox: free

    Parts for Sale/Wanted - UK & Europe
    All, Anyone want a 1984 Turbo manual gearbox? Going for no money, but you'll have to collect from LE10 postcode area (Leicester, UK). Mileage on the car when I scrapped it was 217,000. Gearbox had no issues, so no problem selecting gears, no jumping out of gear, no whining etc. Filled with...
  17. Turbo/APC gauge not working.

    C900 Workshop
    Holy thread resurrection! ;ol;
  18. Do you have to re-qualify for your job?

    The Lounge
    Evening all, Hope you have had a great Bank Holiday Question for you all: In my job here in the UK, every year I have to do an annual LTO (Licence To Operate) and also every 3 years re-do 16 STC's (Safety Technical Competencies), which is a right pain in the backside. Why it is every 3...
  19. Saab 3 or 5 door Classic 900 wanted

    Cars Wanted - UK & Europe
    Wanted - none rusty classic Saab 900 - not 2 or 4 door or convertible, so a 3 or 5 door. Doesn't have to be a turbo, (but it would be nice!). Willing to travel (reside in Leicestershire), cash waiting, long time SaabCentral member - what have you got? Cheers, Fraser
  20. Are yellow headlight lenses available?

    C900 Workshop
    I've got yellow bulbs and could use yellow tint wrap in place of paint on the lenses: on my other car I have yellow glass and was wondering if that was available for the Saab. Headlamps must be either white or yellow in the UK.
1-20 of 462 Results