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  • KyleVince ·
    You said you had the smoked lamin-x film on your tail lights? Also you had said you thought they were too dark? B/c on the lamin-x site they don't look dark enough. The charcoal looks good on the car film previewer but your pics of the tail lights look dark enough. Looking to buy for my Saab. Also you said you bought bulk. Is that under the sheets tab on the lamin-x site? If so, what size did you go with? Lots of questions I know sorry. Please help.
    gecko213 ·
    Dude, your whip looks tight, can I ask what make and model those wheels are and if they are 5x110 and also their offset/weight. Thanks
    N/M I just saw the make and model in About Me. Thanks
    okcio1187 ·
    Damn nice rims man. If you don't mind me askin where'd you get then and do the 19X8.5s give you any problems??? Did you have to do any finish/fit fabrication mods for them. Really diggin your saab though brother
    yspaik ·
    Hey man, thanks for the compliment, the eyelids are manufactured by MimoUSA: (polyurethane eyelids)

    You can purchase them from one of the authorized dealers on the site. I have the polyurethane ones, which have to be painted to match your factory paint... the eyelids got mixed responses on here when i first posted - some really liked it, others didnt. Performance wise, the ecu tune helps the most (BSR PPC, MP tune, Nordic, etc). Intake is for sound only - no real HP gain, Catback exhaust and downpipe will really only help after an ecu tune.

    Hope this helps
    YonniesAero ·
    hey wats going on i like your car real nice work i got a 04 aero 9-3 ....hey where did u get those eyelids my car is smoke beige i was thinking about gettin eyelids i got 10k hid kit and the yelow fog lights already with 15% tint......hey do the performance mods help alot ?
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