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  • mmoe ·
    I recently bought a '86 900 convertible and I've been trying to make sense of the rear seatbelts. From what I can tell, the '88 and newer had the shoulder belts in the rear, but mine is only a lap belt. It looks as if yours, an '87(?), are similar.

    My question is, are the belts in the rear of your convertible asymmetrical lap belts and set up to be buckled criss-crossed from each other? With mine, you can only buckle the left belt to the right buckle and the right belt to the left buckle. Just trying to figure out what it is supposed to be like. ;)

    elcid ·

    Sorry to bug you, but I'm wondering... you ever come across a wrecker with any classic 900s? I've got some random little bits I'd like to try to track down (e.g. one of the fascia bolts, a fuel filler neck, etc) and eBay's just asking way too much for these things, in my opinion anyways. I'm out in the valley, but I get into town often enough and a point in the right direction would be awesome. Thanks!
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