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  • Windsor ·
    Still have not solved the problem. For the last 9 months it has been too warm (above 32F) and would not show the symptoms. Recently,the temperature has dropped to the 20's and the problem as returned. My next step is to warm up the interior of the car with an electric space heater before I start the car in the morning to see if the potentiometer on the gas pedal is what is temperature sensitive. If that is not it, I think I will be at the point where I replace the throttle body
    99gg66 ·
    Hello, sorry to bother you (sorry for my English too). I read that you are facing the same problem as me and as many (P2135) on a fuel powered 9-3 (1.8t, year 2010). Last year, it happened to me and the time I do some research, it vanished. Now that it is happening again, I was about to order a brand new throttle box (because it was my last conclusion). But I did some further researches yesterday and read many threads here and the most similar user experience was yours : the problem appears when it's cold (AND wet for me). So my question is "did you find something new" ?
    Did you notice after the cleaning and the use of Stabilent22 that the problem occurs less ? To me it is a conjunction of many "little" problems. Considered independently they are minor but altogether the causes this kind of issue. This could also explain the fact that in each case, different cars are sensitive to a different set of conditions. Thank you, I hope it was not inappropriate contacting you this way. 99gg66
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