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  • xmansean ·
    Hi Vince,

    I'm reading your post regarding prestige 300 sound system upgrade and considering getting it done to my 05 9-3ss by myself.
    Got some questions here after reading:

    1. It seems that you let CD-45z take over the front/rear dash, front door and rear 6x9s, so how did you branch out the EHU to CD-45z? any crossover or circuits needed?

    2. You kept amp1 activated, which drives front door 6.5"s and center dash 4" as well, and according to your wiring diagram, they too are driven by CD-45z, so did you parallel them? If so, how did you deal with the impedance?

    Thank you so much.
    gecko76 ·
    I was reading your prestige 300 sound system upgrade.
    I've 2004 93 Aero and i would like to do same upgrades.
    Could you please give more details about crossovers?
    For our system, what kind of crossovers might work properly.
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