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  • dieterschmied ·
    Do you do programming of spare keys for Saab 9-3? I need a spare key. I have my original and haven't yet started putting it together. i am in Cincinnati but will be in Washington, Pa. in a week or so and I always make a run to the strip for Italian sausage. My phone is 513-221-4140. Dieter Schmied
    danielaOT ·
    Hello, I am ordering a a new cim module and need a tech 2 to reprogram my saab. Can you message me please? I am located in the pittsburgh area. Thank you! D
    Scipio ·
    Good Day! I'm in Dublin and recently purchased my first Saab, a 2007 9-3 Aero Sportcombi. Everything great on the car so far, but it only had 1 key. I'll have a new second key in about a week - any chance you and your Tech II are for hire? Thanks so much, you can email me at [email protected] Thank you very much,
    spkldbrd ·
    Hello, I am looking for some info on transmission compatibility for my 03 9-5 aero and read a post where you were looking into the same. Can you tell me if you ever determine what model/year trans could bolt up?

    Hays4 ·
    Please let me ask for your assistance: I have a 1998 900 SE Turbo Convertible that keeps throwing the gear box code and then the check engine code. When I have this looked at it tells me it is the Transmission Control Module. I purchased a used on from Ebay (maybe not the correct thing to do): My question: can I replace without doing anything further: I.e. programming, etc. Transmission has never acted up by the way.
    Cap'n P.Zazz ·
    Hello, I will be passing by the Pittsburg area on the 6th and was wondering if you would be available for some simple Tech 2 work? She is a 2001 9-3 SE, and just want a few options changed related to alarm chirping, lighting, etc. Hopefully you can help, and have a great evening.
    DmtGod ·
    Hey man i been reading forums on here since i bought my 05 93 2.0t, and i been searching for a fix for my transmission problems AND im running out of hope so i thought id reach out on limb and ask you directly. It began with the car doing hard shifts and flares usually only when it was up to temp, i did the drain an fill technique with no luck. I did research and figured it may just be the solenoids so i bought a reman Valve Body and replaced it last week, but now the vehicle will no go into reverse and the shifts are even worse! But the weird thing is it goes into limp after driving it for about a min or 2 and im guessing stays in 5th gear only but once in limp mode it reverses just really lost on what to do or what to look for at this point. The only codes im getting are P0700 and sometimes itll say a gear 2 ratio or gear 5 ratio incorrect. Think you can point me in the right direction?
    turbostar ·
    hello sir
    first, i have to say thank you a lot for all your contribution here
    my saab from 2001, 2.3T AT5 has some troubles, i was going on a body valve change, but has i read all your posts, tcm looks like a big probability problem has i got famour 0748 and 0743 code.

    but i have a big question and never found the answer.
    do i need to ask to the seller to divorce the tcm from his car before selling it to me ?

    best regards
    Kefolkerts ·
    Hey - saw on the forum you have a working Tech II in Pitt. I need my EHU reconfigured and can't seem to find anyone in the Erie, PA area able to do it. I will be around the area in the next few weeks if you are free and interested.
    Craig Landes ·
    2005 Saab 9-3 Arc convertible. I replaced ISM 6 months ago with help from SaabCentral, it's been working fine. But now I need a new key fob. Took car to dealer with one original key, but they say my ISM isn't married to VIN, so they can't pair new key fob. Everything I read says ISM isn't married, you can simply replace it, which I did. Dealer won't give me the time of day. Either I pay them to replace ISM, or I buy new CIM & keys which is worse. What can I do?
    xparguetti ·
    hi hello... i/ve own a saab 2000 9-5 aero, and would like to divorce a radio with cdchanger and married another one...
    can you send me your address so we can meet and talk/do something about it using your knowledge and teck II device?
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Juswill1 ·
    Sadly missed your head unit. Would love to tap or talk at you a bit for some advice on a whole series of issues. Feel free to message me or even call or text me at 304-663-1111.
    Juswill1 ·
    I would love your advice on the best upgrades I should invest in on my now 5 Saabs in my driveway. Could you message me "Oh Wise One". Hope you are well, was concerned when I saw the deserved tributes written towards you last week.
    lanexon ·
    Hello unclemiltie, Could you help program my saab ecu? 2005 9-3 Linear. I have a new ebay ecu part in hand. Let me know how much I should offer you. Where you locates?
    I am in Santa Clara, CA. Thanks for replying!
    Mark Stogner ·
    My son jump started with the cables hooked up incorrectly AND had a broken driver side window so the first thing I did was replace the amp. No luck. Next I replaced the stereo. No luck. Finally I replaced the CD player unit. No luck. Fuses have been replaced. I am at a loss. Please help!
    abslotsport ·
    Hi unclemiltie .. Hi! Another guy on the forum thought you may have an answer for me. I have a 2002 Saab 95 2.2 TDI Linear. The car has 44,000 genuine miles and a full service history and has never been thrashed. The car has never exhibited any "sounds" of problems ie, noises etc and has driven smoothly. Driving last night changing gear from 3rd to 4 at 40mph, lifted the clutch and found a box full of neutrals. The only sound when lifting the clutch is of Gears (in gearbox?, touching very slightly but not meshing. Same when trying to select all gears including reverse. Any Ideas? and is this a common fault?
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