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  • Hueso8 ·
    hi, how much for the fuel pump for the 06 arc guessing it has less miles than the 04 arc? And do u have the batter main switch or where to get it for cheap cuz it's $250+ new.
    igetablumpkin ·
    Hey thanks for the reply to my intercooler thread. If you have a spare I'm interested in grabbing it up if it works for my car. Let me know! Thanks
    boost 93 '05 ·
    Hey brother I'm a Saab specialist I own my own business I'm a traveling mechanic!! Was just reading your past few things and was wondering where you are in Ohio??? I'm in Columbus!!! Also did you ever get the td04 swap cuz I've got my td04-14T and green top injectors which would be a nice upgrade for you to make you an aero!!! Let me know if your still thinking of doing this!! Turbo is in great shape still how it sits or you could send it off and have it upgraded for 350 !!! My number is 419-610-5030
    StevesSaab9-3 ·
    Did you ever post the DIY for the Garret to TD04 turbo swap? My turbos going out and I want to do, but im kinda a novice and need the guidance.
    spragin ·
    Hey man im new to the Saab world and i live in ohio as well. i was wondering where you go to have work done at. And was curious what you spent on your turbo swap... i have a 05 linear. thanks in advance.
    SAABalingus ·
    A great place is r & d auto parts, they deal with saab and volvo oem parts. They have the saab sport suspension all 4 shocks and Aero springs brand new in stock for 295 euro, which is like 370 us $. Just your luck its for the manual transmission cars too. Don't let the world know about this site though, it's our secret. Lol
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