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  • SL1M ·
    Yes, after having it looked at $75 charge they found it to be leaking air bags and they said there was an O ring leak around compressor. They said there's a lot to do in order to diagnose and charge for a hour of work. I realized later that I was ripped off since they only needed to drop the spare tire to check it out. I replaced the Airbags and at time sprayed some mixture near compressor to see O ring leak myself. I didn't see any bubbles. Although, most of the weight was off of it at the time stupid to check for that. Oh well now it comes on when I'm stopped occasionally but for only a second or 2. I'm going to look at replacing the rear shock absorbers now due to it being over a 100k and It may help with the above issue. Any suggestions on what brand to use AC Delco, Suncore, Gabriel, Rancho, Monroe, etc.

    Thanks so much for all your help.
    SL1M ·
    Tim, I came to you before for advise and know you now your s### so could you give me any info on what could be causing my air compressor to be coming on more frequently than it has ever done before. What is going out on my truck and needs replacement?
    timg ·
    I just noticed that I had a message here. The stealthbox isn't overwhelming, it's perfect. It can get loud, but I set it up to match the stereo level fairly closely. My head unit includes a subwoofer level control, so I haven't worried about installing a bass knob. If I was using a factory head unit, I probably would have installed a bass knob.

    Svx92 ·
    Tim do you have pics of your 9-7? What's your favorite mod? I see you have a 2007... Is it an aero, or did you drop in a 6.0 engine? I didn't know there were any 6.0s in 2007.
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