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  • Cap'n P.Zazz ·
    Hello, I will be in the Cinci/Columbus area on the 6th and possibly the 4th and could swing by if you are available for some simple Tech 2 work?
    ABiondo ·
    Hey, I saw your post about parting out your car. Are you still in the process of separating the GS DP from the rest of the exhaust? I would be interested in the 3"DP. Would you be able to ship? Also, is the turbo intake pipe (to throttle body) aftermarket? Was looking for something to replace the cheap plastic one on my viggen.
    TheGoyWonder ·
    Hi, I saw your post re:V6 to 4-cyl swap in a Saab 900. What was the verdict on transmission: was the V6 transmission usable with the 4-cyl engine?

    Also did you have to change clutches to make the 4-cyl work?I ask because I see brand new V6 motors for sale which would be useful if my 4-cyl peters out...with its newish trans/clutch.
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