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  • KillroyPete ·
    Hello I just read your post about your custom made fog lights, it says "Look in my garage", but...where to look in this area? Is it attached to one of your previous cars?

    Thanks! (no rush)
    ritcheydan ·
    Love the setup on you 9-3 was wondering if you could let me know which H and R springs you used on the koni mounts. dont want to go to low for the wheels. Thank you really appreciate it!
    CatsAndBrews ·
    I was looking at your calipers on both your SportCombi and your Aero SS. The Aero calipers are obviously painted - is that a Hirsch color, or just one that you liked? It also looks like the SS has painted calipers as well. Can you tell me more about how you did them; i.e. on the car, off the car, spray vs. brush, clear coat or not, etc. Thanks!
    Jestyr ·
    Hey man I'm gonna be in Rosemont on the 25th and 26 th for comic con. I was wondering if your tech 2 services would be available? TIA!!
    oldfast ·
    Hello. I'm in the western suburbs and am in need of a tech2 so that I can troubleshoot my 03 9-3 convertible top. I'd be more than happy to rent from you. Thanks very much, Skip Masters [email protected]
    Russsaab ·
    Need Your expertise.... Daughters 2000 Saab 9-3 sat while she was out of school, battery died and then "Key not accepted" on SID car rendered useless. I have another key and a twice module and now need these married to the car so it will start. Can you help? I took her back to school and without her car she is having a difficult time managing. I think the whole beer thing is crazy please just let me know if you can come out and do this and whatever is fair to us both works for me
    joecars ·
    Good Evening!
    I hate to ask this, as there is a 16 page thread, however I cannot decipher the simplest solution. I am about to trade my 04 9-3 Convertible for an 08. The 08 has the 6-Disc changer in the HU. My question is - what are the steps to add Bluetooth and have the Steering Wheel Buttons work?
    Thanks for your time,
    Codybailey2335 ·
    Hey I’m in Chicago as well I’ve been wanting to upgrade my icm2 to icm3 I don’t have a tech 2 read a thread that said you would do it for a beer ha wondering if you could help me out with that. Thx
    m.zdimal ·
    some time ago you offered a custom made Hirsch alike pedals.
    I have recently bought a set of the same pedals without Hirsch logo - as the original Hirsch is unavailable (confirmed by Hirsch).
    I intend to make a copy of Hirsch for my own purposes.
    Unfortunately, I found out there is a problem to engrave the logo. They tell me laser-engraving may be a trouble (as the edges may be shaky). Cutter may have problems as the pedals are not flat.
    Please, what technology have you used to engrave the logo?
    Thank you very much.
    SteveBlezy ·
    Hello. I was reading a thread on SaabCentral where you wrote about a mod for your car involving a clean lens conversion to your HID's

    I have a few quick questions as I find this very interesting

    How did you get the projector out of the headlight assembly? Were you able to remove it from the back or did you remove the front headlite plastic?

    What lens size did you use, as I read that there are a few different thicknesses available.

    Any information would be very useful

    Thanks for your time

    Steve Blezy
    Yoshimura ·
    Hello i'm trying to send pm's in the for sale section, but there's a message stating that a minimum of 10 post is required for this. I have surpassed that quota can you help me with
    this dilemma?
    senior.suave ·
    Hello, I'm told that you're the person to see about getting a key programmed to my 03 9-5, I have the key and everything, I would also like to see about getting some minor annoyances looked at that require a tech 2, sadly I can't PM you because of forum rules, but how could we discuss meeting up? I live on the south side of Chicago and can drive to you if need be.
    Russsaab ·

    I am told you can grant me PM rights, would you be so kind to do so? And for the others when I initially joined I lived in Elmhurst Il, I now live in Round Lake il whic is very near the Illinos / Wisconsin border
    Russsaab ·
    Hello Swedespeed I am new to the forum and need some help I live near Gurnee Il and need to have codes pulled for my 2001 9-5 to get a better idea of trans issues. DO you know someone close enough that I can pay to come out with a Tech II to do the job?
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