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  • Saabwoot ·
    Hey there stupid,

    I am very new here and I recently asked at the forums what to do with my new Forge 007PA bypass valve on my Saab 9-3 of '99. It is a complete revised B234 engine with a new TD04 15T #5 and a stage 3 abbott tune. Also have a complete abbott 3" exhaust system from forth to end. I really want to know what precisely is the "reversed" and "normal" positions of the bypass valve. Right now I still have a black Bosch one that is facing the delivery pipe and not the small pipe towards the air intake. Is this the "normal" or "reversed" pos?? And with the new Forge valve which spring should I use and direction of the valve?

    Hope you can assist me as I am still uncertain.

    With kind regards,

    bytza_17 ·
    hi there
    i am fearley new to the forum.........gotta tell u i really like your car very very nice i have an 02 9-5 aero and i kinda need some help with some mods i want to do
    1 the grille like yours a lot.....where did u get the mesh and what else do u need besides it? as you probably know the 02 has the front facelift a litlle bit different.....would the mesh still work?
    2 i am having my 16'' bbs wheels powdered coaded black but before i put them on i want to paint to change and paint the brake calipers.....have u ever done that ?how hard is it? can u do it in ur own garage?
    sorry to boderr u
    thank you
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