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  • vale.maio2 ·
    Ciao, visto che anche tu sei italiano e (se ho capito bene) possiedi due 9000, potresti darmi una mano con il mio post qui? Non voglio fare spam, ma semplicemente una mano. Grazie!
    SAAB Snob ·
    Hey Stephano!!!

    I just got done installing a new clutch and tranny and tried bleeding the clutch and all I got was air bubbles. I'm using a mity vact ype that sucks from the bleed valve on the Slave Cyl, but being the the Slave is also new, it obviously was empty of fluid before bleeding. As such, unless I can some how fill up the slave cyl with fluid, I get the feeling that I'll could be pumping by hand all day and get nothing but bubbles?? Might you have and clue about how to about doing this correctly? I know the Haynes Manual calls for using a pressure bled kit, one that uses compressed air from the spare tire, bur finding one that has a cap that fits the Master cyl reservour is not easy.
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