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  • 95Turbo900 ·
    Hello, I also have a 1999 and want to turn it up to the stage 4 but it is stock other then the genuine saab intake and suspension work. Can we work out a deal to sell all the components needed,

    turbo, exhaust, intercooler, ecu, pipes

    let me know what youd like for those might make it easier selling .

    Buffalo ·
    Hey Soccerrplyr, Looks like I missed your ebay Viggen spoiler for 2001 because I was a rookie player. What I really need is the spoiler mount base piece (don't know what to call it) between the spoiler and the rear hatch. Can you guys heklp me out with that? If for some reason than complete spoiler becomes available, I'm in. Buffalo, aka Tim
    DnastyDirtnap ·
    Hey man I'm definitely interested in buying the downpipe if you could possibly get pictures. Also how would you want to do the transaction.
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