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  • SJB ·
    Well, it's still sitting in my garage. I went a different route with the whole front end and never used it. It wasn't quite long enough to reach to each wheel opening. It was really flimsy and I was planning on back filling it with foam to give it some rigidity but it never made it on.
    Vash3233 ·
    Hey, I ordered the Acura lip you have or had, on your 9-5 other than cutting what did you have to do to get it to fit? I want to try and get it to fit on my dames stock nose.
    SJB ·
    Well it is possible that the oil was overfilled enough to get into the oil breather system and start ingesting it that way. I would take oil breather tube off the turbo inlet and see if there is a lot of oil in there. If so you may just need to drive it a bit to clear it out. However, if the oil level keeps dropping and you keep burning it, then there is a problem; likely either turbo seal or valve seal related
    Mistervehicle ·
    It was over 4 quarts I'm sure and it did and stalled but I realized it after I checked the wells and they where flooded and I drained off a quart and now it is smoking !
    SJB ·
    Hello Zander,
    I noticed no increase in engine vibration at any RPM with the subframe bushings. At this point I have every Powerflex bushing offered installed on my car now and the only thing I notice is more of the road roughness transferred into the car. My idle vibrations were cured with the replacement of the engine/trans mounts but not until I replaced all of them. I also had an odd vibration only in reverse but found it to be my down-pipe grounding out on the trans unrelated to the bushings. So far they have worked out great. The other thing is they are much easier to install than OEM because they don't need to be pressed in.
    zander_2 ·
    Hi SJB,
    I saw you posting in an old thread about subframe bushings and noticed you were planning on installing Powerflex subframe bushings to tackle engine vibration issues. I've been getting some pretty bad idle vibration as well, and I'm trying to decide between OEM or Powerflex Street for the subframe. How did they end up working out for you? I can't seem to find anyone on the forums talking about the vibration from Powerflex Street in particular.
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