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  • abrad42 ·
    Thanks for your heads up on locals in Dallas willing to wrench on a c900.
    Are you pretty well versed with these cars?
    I live in Oak Cliff and would love to chat about a couple projects I would like to tackle on my car_
    1. spring/shock/rear sway bar upgrade/install (mine was pre-sway bar)
    2. cat back exhaust install (will need custom hangers to relocated rear muffler to turbo location from original location adjacent to rear axle).
    3. r/r fuel accumulator (easy?)
    4. r/r volt regulator with adjustable one (easy)
    5. r/r pass side power steering boot/clips
    6. Eventually r/r clutch slave/clutch master/clutch/lightened flywheel/clutch all at once

    I can be reached @ 214-789-5668 or my email @ [email protected]
    peva ·
    Permanently grounding the negative side of the APC solenoid has no side effects apart from eliminating the effect of the cruise control on boost. It does not affect the operation of the APC in any way and you will still get full boost when you want it. Without CC the neg side is permanently grounded anyway.
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