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  • ivanwakeup ·
    Hey i've been reading up on intercoolers, and after going through some old threads, i have a few questions for you if you dont mind answering.

    What is the sizing on your intercooler? and you used 2 inch piping with reduced couplers right?

    i think i'd like to get the same intercooler as you- it would be great to not have to drill holes in my bumper

    Whats the exact name/model of the intercooler you got? and do you remember which piping kit you bought as well?

    and lastly, how has the fmic held up? it really seems like a worthwhile mod.

    thanks in advance for your help!
    ElCamino ·
    Hi, I got on the forum to see if anyone else has ever got their key stuck in the trunk lock. I see you did! However, your post ended without a resolution.

    Did you ever get that key out? Not still driving around with it in the lock I hope.

    Email me here or at [email protected] if you can.

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