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    thanks for your reply on that. wonder if you have experience with taillightassembly on 2007 sportcombi. seems to be a thesis project on how to make changing a light bulb as difficult as possible.
    saw your response (pretty long ago) about replacing mirror glass in side view mirror. mine is passenger side, 2007 9-3 sport combi. went keerash on wifey on on ramp to 101 in Arcata CA. startled her a bit. can you point me to a replacement procedure and maybe source of replacement mirror glass? Thanks. Bob Burke
    16saabs ·
    and 16Saabs, not to say I wanted to shut out what you suggested. My point was I was not giving AUSSIE erroneous info. If you would be so kind to reiterate your fix again, I am interested. Didn't totally compute with me.

    this message came from SC via em, but when I went to the site it was'nt there/??

    not quite sure what you were referring to re fix, and I take no inferrence re shutting me out... probably you edited it and I got message before edit lol, so either you got what I meant or it does'nt matter, lol HAGD
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