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  • JoCoMo ·
    I not only bounced up and down...I bounced from the drivers seat to the passenger seat with no results. (I roared laughing with your reply!!!)

    In Oct. 2015 the 'shift cable' was replaced on my automatic. Never had problems until I got back in car couple weeks ago.

    When I turn the key the engine light comes on, the blinkers work, etc.. but when I turn the key further to start the engine-dead silence.

    Difference between the first time it happen & I was able to start the car was car was on pavement & I was able to turn the steering wheel more to move the tires left & right...where now my car is parked on dirt and gravel so my wheels are unable to move as they did on pavement.
    I don't know if this would effect any problems I'm having but the mechanic must have removed the electronic control unit when he worked on my car because the screws were missing I was able to put one screw back in it so it is still a little loose.

    Your neighbor in Colorado Springs
    Wjmattila ·
    Did you read all my threads? Any advice? Think it could be a throttle body/iac problem? If so, Do you know how to access the throttle body?
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