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  • Oily ·
    Hi, long shot as I've found it in an old thread, but do you still have your spare ECU for a 9-3 V6t ?

    Many thanks

    RBohemie2016 ·
    How are you today? I was wondering if your Tech II services are still available? Here's some of the tasks at hand:
    Alarm sound when you press the button on fob
    Radio reprogramming (ICM2)
    Thank you so much as you will definitely be compensated for your work.
    fossman35 ·
    Hello Saleenmav, You're listed on a Tech II thread as possibly being available (for a fee) to assist with tuning/mods. Are you still available for this type of work? Thanks.
    MurphySAAB04 ·
    Hey I have a used ecu I need paired to my saab its a 2004 9-3 2.0T ARC. The original one is going out and throwing a p0601 ecu code well the used one needs paired its stating a immobilization failure so I assume that is since its not married to my car. I live in Covington GA
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