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  • Jan-Åke_Klement ·
    Hi Scott, i'm big Saab fan with 3 different Saabs in my family. Now i can buy 9-7x, can you send me brochure of 9-7x in PDF please ??? Regards, Jan
    Maineguy ·
    I have placed the same forum question in the past 2 days and I have not seen it posted on the 9-5 Workshop? Did I miss something or have you not posted my question for some reason? I need to get a spare ignition key for my 1999. 9-5 2.3L and do not want to go to the dealer and pay $310. Hope you can help. Thanks. Peter (Maineguy)
    BackinaSaabagain ·
    Hey Scott, got your msg., thanks, I'll heed your advice. Now, I'll replace my engine with another V6, but I don't wish to be back to square one. What happened with the current engine was a rod through the block as I understood it. This apparently was due to (I believe) sludge, or the heat from the oil that's circulated not being able to escape. I'm not a mechanic, and I really don't remember the reasons for the blown V6. What I've been told is that this is common, and that this V6 is a lousy engine. How do I avoid this again with the replacement V6?
    BackinaSaabagain ·
    Hello Scott, I have a 1999 9-5 with a blown V6 engine as I bought it that way for $400! With the exception of the engine, the body/interior are in MINT condition with perfect leather that looks as though it was never sat on. The car was formerly owned by a lady who was told that it would cost at least $3,000 to repair the car so she wanted to unload it quickly. My intention originally was to buy a used engine from Goldwing Saab, but it's my understanding that this car had a TDI optional engine in Europe (and the rest of the world). That's got my interest WAY up as I'm a huge fan of diesels having owned two in the past (Audi and Mercedes). Would it be a nightmare finding such an engine in Europe and having it shipped over? Is it at all possible to even install such an engine without it becoming a nightmare? I'm in Orlando, Florida and I'm searching for an independent Saab tech if you might know of any as I'm leary about some of the shops in my area.
    Booban ·
    Hi! I post a message and it still doesn't show after a full day. Not the first time. Whats up with that? Is there an approval process here for every single post?
    kingfisher ·
    I have a 2001 Saab 9-5 SE with 107k miles. It's using oil (semi-syn) between oil changes for the first time. No leaks, according to mechanic. He says the cylinders need to be cleaned and recommended gasoline additive, like AMSOIL. Never have done this. Any dangers? Does it do any good? Cannot find anything on this site that treats this question. thanks!
    Andreas187 ·

    I didnt know that i have to get an approval for my thread in lounge section and so I tried to post my thread two times. Maybe you can help
    spg1 ·
    Hey Scott,
    I just had Jeff (Jetman) tell me that you have some 95 parts or contacts for them. Here is a list of parts that I am looking for and need as soon as possible.
    Really nice Radiator
    sub frame
    Center trans mount rear Lower
    front torque rod (lower driver side front)
    Throttle body good one

    My car is a 2003 saab 95 automatic
    9-5 lover ·
    Hi SaabScott, it doesn't make much sense to me...My 2nd and 3rd posts were shown automatically, the 1st and 4th ones are still pending for 'approval'. Does this 'approval' process kick in randomly?
    hottbodyz ·
    Can you help me with my ppost in the classified section? Seems I misspelled "Megan" Mega. Could you change it for me please? I cant seem to figure out how to do it.

    spg1 ·
    Hi Scott,
    I was talking to Jeff, "jetman" and he said that you may have leads on some good seats. I have some really nice tan leather skins for my 900 spg that I will not be able to use because basicaly my back isn't agreeing with the seats them selves. Would you have any leads on any aero, viggen, 93's or 94's with memory?
    By the way, where are you located?
    Saabman900 ·
    Hey, sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm somewhat new here to the forums.. Is there any way I can delete my own thread that I started, or would you have to do it? The 1990 SPG Turbo one which is in The Lounge? Any help would be appreciated.... Thanks...
    ydegaard ·
    Hey. The FAQ on the front page doesn't seem to work. I didn't know who to write, but i thought someone should know, so if you could pass the message on to whomever it may concern, that would be nice. Thanks.
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