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  • ls900 ·
    post it for me! black 89 900 turbo 16 valve 5 speed. fuel went stale. tank is removed in hatch, i have an upraded APC, its on lowering springs and i got a louvre for the hatch window. i really want this car to go to one of us. FREE come get it in zip 29715

    also, very little rust, this is a good shell for someone. someday Im going to want one and id like if they were still around 20 years from now!!
    ls900 ·
    So im going to just have this car junked when I would have prefered to give it away to someone who wants it. Shameful this policy has no exceptions.
    ls900 ·
    need my account activated to post a FREE classic 900 to a good home. its a 16 valve turbo 5 speed model of 1989
    Eiron ·
    Hi Saabohéme,

    I posted a thread in the NG900/OG9³ forum and just realized I should have posted it in the Engine Oil, Lubricants & Fluids forum. Can you move it for me, or should I re-post it?
    Here's the thread:
    5,000 mile UOA after coolant tank failure

    Thanks for your help.
    saabthusiast ·
    Hi. I want to post my car for sale, but the site says I don't have access. Can you grant me access or post this for me? Thanks.


    Location: Arlington Heights, IL

    Means of contact: [email protected]


    Description: 2006 9-3 Aero SS, 78000 miles, runs great. V6 turbo, 6-speed manual, sunroof, leather, power everything. Original owner. Garage kept. Includes 17" aero wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport tires, and 16" wheels + snow tires.
    DGRAIVE_71 ·
    Dear administrator. Would you mind to consider publishing something useful here and will be happy to share it with newbies to make their life easy. I'm talking about WIS.
    There a lot sources of WIS but only one was effective. People who uses Win10 today can easy install WIS and EPC on their computers very easy. They can donate a small amount to Jan Färnström through PayPal and receive a valuable software such as WIS and EPC through email. I personally donated $5US and received the software which costs much more. They need only search I believe I made a good deal.
    Ignazio ·
    Hello, I'm a new member and I'd like to post my '98 Saab for sale - I'd rather sell it to someone who needs it than let it go to waste - thanks, Ignazio
    nosirx ·
    Hi Sir,

    Can you please grant me permission to post messages? I intend to sell some suspension parts.
    Thalis ·
    Hi I've been tying to contact you but it always says I don't have permission to send pm and I don't even know how to post a question on the forum need help with a full clutch tranny job going to be putting it in tommorow and have some questions
    SaabScott ·
    Hey Jeff! How are things???

    I just stopped in here for a minute and thought I would drop you a line.

    If you've got time, shoot me an update at [email protected] ... or feel free to give me a call at +1-416-839-9852

    p2309forlife ·
    Got your PM, but it doesn't look like I'm able to send messages (even in response to your PM) - I've logged out and back in a few times. No worries though, I'll reach out to SaabEC on his visitor board. Thanks again for your help.
    p2309forlife ·
    Hi Saabohème, I'm trying to get in touch with SaabEC to talk about the Tech2 in SF, but it looks like I haven't made enough posts to use PM. Do you know how many posts are required, or is PM something you (or another mod) might be able to turn on for my username? Thanks!
    sdhow ·
    Ah...that explains it. I was trying to post a "wanted" ad thread and I have NEVER seen a minimum prior to posting a thread on ANY of the other forums on which I routinely participate.

    I can see running noobies through a moderator for review, but why the minimum posts prior to open participation on the forum?
    ForestCat ·
    Saaboheme, I have it working. Changed my email & password, which forced a resend of the verification email, and it looks like I can post in forums now. However, PM's are now screwed up, showing "You have 8 messages stored, of a total 0 allowed", can't reply (that's why I'm posting this here...) don't see the PM info up near my username stats anymore, etc. Thanks again for your help, sorry for dragging you into this!!!
    hellomanliz ·
    Hi Saaboheme,

    I just posted a thread with a wrong title, I edited the title with correct information. However the title doesn't change in the forum, did I miss any step? Thanks.
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