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  • driventhesaab ·
    Hi I've just joined Saab Central and looking forward to help if I can but most of all look for help from other members like me.
    As I mentioned in my thread I don't drive the car a great deal however I love to get behind the wheel and take it for a spin.
    At present I'm having a few issues I looked on line but haven't seen my particular issue and I hope someone out there can help
    1st issue my fan is working on all speed however I not getting air flow out of the dash or defrost the floor seems to be working. I have taken all the covers off to get at the blow area and have cleaned all the accumulation of leaves etc. however still no luck. and also air con is not working however I would be happy to resolve the air flow situation.......thanks I look forward to any assistance thank you
    cal9000t ·
    Nice to see someone else from B.C
    Might be moving down to the coast for university, are there any good saab mechanics?
    Lovely '93 you have. does it have an aero front lip?
    scdailydrive ·
    Just bought an '06 Sportcombi 2.0T, and was thinking of getting the BCB Stage 2 tune... Any advice? I saw you have same model running the tune. Are you running stock other than the tune? Thanks.
    Coair ·
    Salutations Ken,
    I'm excited to join the SaabCentral family looking forward to read and hopefully assist with issues.
    In the meantime as I familiar myself with the website will you be assist me in posting an issue I'm having with my 07 Saab 2.0.
    Issue I'm having now after (7 yrs of ownership)is she doesn't like to start when the engine is hot, no issues starting when cold just hot. At times I need to wait till the engine cools down a little before she starts. no codes nor engine light.
    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated

    Thank you.
    TurboBlix ·
    Hey Ken!!! Could you please delete my account? Thank you :)
    TunnanXWD ·
    Ken, have you noticed the posts by .. look at a few down in the 9-2 workshop and then those on varied auto shows and events. Seems to be border line spam and I don't see them on the sponsor list. They link to their site reports at the bottom of each post.
    mmcl0438 ·
    Hi, My name is Michael. I have written a procedure for repairing the rear door actuators (with photos)on my 99 saab 9-5 and thought it may assist someone on this forum.... but i cant seem to figure out how to post a new topic. anyway, how can i send it through? when i try to attach an image it asks for a url??? the files are on my local computer
    TunnanXWD ·
    Ooops, it was on SaabsUnited, scroll down over the past few days and it's the only place that looks easy and rational to do driving or fogs on a 9-3 .. silver like your car and very attractive.
    TunnanXWD ·
    Ken, since you scan many posts, can you please be on the look out for a light grey combi with some round driving lights. My manual scan is failing me today and dang, it's exactly what I wanted for the drivers on my 9-3 just if you notice it ... thanks
    Tupper11 ·
    Hey saab Ken I'm new to the site and could really use some input of what's happening with my 2000 saab 9-5 aero? It runs great most of the time but when I sit at a short idle I get alot of white smoke then the I can hear mechanical noise when the motor is trying to burn off that oil. Once it goes back to normal it runs great again. So I pulled the plugs and the working end of #4 was soaked with oil and the rest were a Lil wet? Can u help?
    Anambra11 ·
    Hi Saabken, really like the look of your saab sport combi. Wondering what the tire size you are running with the 18 in wheels, your experience with saturn wheels, and whether or not your car is lowered.... Thanks for your input in advance.
    1kpa920 ·
    Hi SaabKen, just want to send out a feeler if you may know anyone in Western Canada looking for a good Saab project car. I started on a 1985 900 Turbo which I bought back from CA and is a rust free car. Done lots of work and many new performance parts but due to health issues doubt will proceed. Body is in primer, engine and tranny gone through new rings, bearings etc too much to list here. New shocks (Bilstein HD) rotors Lesforors lowering springs, all bushings ready for paint and re assembly. Concept was a quick handler not original so lots of deletions as well. no rear seats, power locks, AC, Cruise, wanted a stock looking car from outside but with mild rally car handling. Pics available if wanted.
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