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  • TheonlyPaddyhere ·
    Where did you get that roof spoiler?/ and those alloys are they genuine saab??:O Ive never seen those before but then again there arent that many saabs in Ireland...
    Jonbeverly ·
    I have all the spg trim and panels. all are in great condtion. the interior was just completely redone, all but the seats, they have red and black sport covers on them. Other than that interior is all new. i can send pics if you would like to see the spg panels and interior.
    SAAB 9-3 AE-RO ·
    hello there
    can you tell me the exact size of your tires...
    I saw something on tirerack...19'' BBS wheels...I'd like to buy them...but I'm not sure about the width of the tires...I don't want to scratch the wheels...
    Thank you.
    stpoolshark ·
    Well, I've got a coolant leak that needs fixing, failing ignition coils, I desperately need new tires, I'm having an issue with brakes, I need the oil changed, and my amp1 needs to be replaced. That's pretty cool about the emblems though. They will look great on the car. Once I get my repairs done I will start with modifications. Until then, I can do some minor stuff.
    stpoolshark ·
    Yeah, I'm going to once I can get some money. The money I have right now is going to fixes that have to be done... It's a bummer. I'm still deciding what to go with. There are a bunch of set ups that I like, but it's all about money. I love the TSW set up, but I'm still shopping around. I can't wait though.
    stpoolshark ·
    Hey, man, I was looking at the pictures of your car and your wheels have really grown on me. They look great on the car. I was wondering what the ride is like and what your MPG's are. Thanks.
    0793saabster ·
    yo it wont let me post for some reason but i wanted to know if i dont have the sai should i buy the one with that cause i looked at it and it doesnt have instructions for the sai and do you know anything about genuinesaabs audio kit cause its free right now just s&h
    sausajes ·
    Brooks! i stopped in there last time I visited my brother in Medicine hat.
    Actually the guys at walmart helped me out big time when I added to much oil into muy car. DERP!
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