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  • sirtokesalot ·
    hello i saw your name on the tech 2 sticky. im working on a 2002 saab 9-5 trying to get it back on the road again if i were to bring it to you to read an airbag fault code and to have the antitheft warning turned off how much would you charge for that?
    olddog ·
    Hi SAABalingus. I just bought my first Saab today. A 2008 9-3 2.0T. Are you still a Saab Lunatic on Long Island? I'm just across the sound near New London, CT. -olddog
    Kiddyjoe ·
    Hi I have 2002 Saab 9-5 and I need a couple of Tech2 programing done. How much do you charge? I also live in Long Island. I'll drive to you.
    Gabriel.Encarnacion ·
    Hey! I'm looking to get the new cim programmed around late February - Early March, I was wondering your fee for programming? I'll cover the toll costs as well, it's a $16.50 toll to cross the bridge into the island.
    Hernandez75 ·
    Hi, I was wondering if you would be able to do some tech 2 stuff on my 2007 93 and how much you charge.
    Im located in Oceanside and was wondering where on LI you are?
    I would like to get a key programmed
    Auto locks when driving at certain mph
    Locking the car and getting the horn to beep
    Auto-unlock doors at key-out
    Comfort Windows
    Turn off Drls
    Auto window up
    TommyB ·
    I have a running driving, 9-3, with an ignition lock malfunction.

    I tried swapped just the ism, but that didn't work. Does that need tech 2 programming?

    My next step is to swap a cim, ism and hey keys from a donor. Will that need programming? I'm in Malverne, would you come to me? If so, how much?

    Thanks in advance.
    MikesAERO ·
    Would you be able to program a gm nav radio to a 9-7x? I had to swap mine out for an identical one and the radio needs to be married to the car. Let me know!
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