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  • AtaraxiaX ·
    Hi rawill, found your thread about headlight resilvering (from 2010!); just wondering if you found somewhere that did it here in NZ? It seems one of those thing that someone must have the ability to do - even if they haven't thought about the exact application!

    Anyway, cheers from Dunedin.
    graham_00 ·
    Hi rawill, Just joined and and found your page from your comment n thanks for that.. Was thinking i might follow you for a while as you have the 93 cs9000 as well and i can see from others comments that you seem to be a man who knows his saab :) I hope i can access you for some info here and there if i try to get my saab running myself.. Just getting parts together atm and have decided that ill replace both the cluthc master and slave cylinders and all the lines that go with it.. just need to find the bux and someone to do the trnas in n out procedure coz i think thats out of my league these days... lol im better at building computers i must say... lol Nice to meet you anyway and my friends call me Gray :)
    hyellda ·
    hi Rawill, found you by accident when cruising posts in regards to ECU upgrade, was impressed you were in Southland, I'm in Owaka the Catlins. I have a 99 9-3s 5 door hatch. Lowered on Einbachs, Modded intake and exhaust. Steering brace on it's way. I now have a few cosmetic things to fix thanks to my wifes rough driving. What I was really interested in was modding my ECU. Basics done, so first question. Can I simply get another ECU from a similar model and year at the wrecker to start playing with on the ECU project? Will it hot swap into my car? Second question is what gizmos do I need to make it connect to my laptop? Can you get them here in NZ?

    easy to contact me for a natter - [email protected]

    pjw42 ·
    hi rawill gustavm passed your name as someone who may be able to help. i am a new saab owner and have a 96 9000cse 2.0l auto lpt and was wondering is it worth mod- ing it 190k on the clock although it has a saab fitted auto box at 145k. it would be nice to know i'm getting the best out of it for both power and fuel efficiency, are mods easy or is it better to get someone in the know to sort it, and if so do you have any contacts in south london u.k. thanks for any input pjw42
    rawill ·
    Blackwells is the agent for Saab in Christchurch. Only Saab agents have the Tech II system for diagnosis. I am not sure that the OBDII systems (aftermarket) will check out the system, they might, but they certainly will not work on earlier systems like my 93 9000.

    There is a Saab agent in Wellington. Not sure of the name.
    gustavm ·
    Hi Robin .Any idea who would do a srs reset ,the 9000 aniversary I sold to my work mate in Wellington has failed wof on lack of airbag light .Mine never shows at startup and I bet they both been pulled out due to fault . You had to take to Chch didnt you? What sort of place was that? thanks Fraser
    gustavm ·
    Hi Robin . How are you .Hope those parts turned up okay.Is it okay if I send my ecu down to you? If it isnt a problem? Will need your address? Thanks Fraser.
    p.s just found a rolling road guy who will checkout my at wheel figures for $90 .Thought that was a very reasonable price.
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