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  • jojo74 ·
    Hi,i was reading your post for viggen transmission rebuild and i see you are in Canada.
    Are you still re-building them? My viggen 2001 tranny is giving up, 2nd gear hard shifting and I would prefer to rebuild it and install lsd as well from cobalt ss.Let me know if you can do it,thanks in advance.
    AUSSIE900 ·
    Thank You , I have gone with the Penrite 75w85 GL4 spec .
    I will give the ATf a flush with it and then refill .
    Greatly appreciate your guidance , Thank you .
    AUSSIE900 ·
    Hi ,
    Les from Australia , hoping you can advise me . I have been reading and researching What Tranny oil to use in my Viggen , and it seems that you are very experienced in this area .
    From your various posts on the subject I can see that ATF (dexron v1) is a no no in these boxes , and unfortunately This is what I have installed , having convinced myself it was the correct replacement for the synthetic that saab used prior to MTF0063.
    I am struggling to find the oil you recommend in OZ . What I have found is in the below link , would you know if its is suitable ?
    the work I have been doing is in the thread Clutch issues Viggen also below .
    Thank you , would really appreciate your input , as I have been told you are the Guru in this field .
    Regards Les
    Blue06aero ·
    Well if your not a sight for sore eyes.
    How ya doing John? This is 04Redline, from the old Ion Redline, Cobalt SS, and CSS Underground forums.
    Andron ·
    Hello qwikredline,

    I have been doing some research over the past days and you stand out of the crowd for your knowledge about coils and shocks. If you are willing, I'd need some guidance.

    The two rear shocks on my 2009 Saab 9-3 2.0L XWD need to be replaced. But they are much too expensive and not sturdy enough; over the last 6 years, I had to replace five of them. I'm looking for other options but there are not plenty. My 1st option would be to get a Maptun kit but I'm not sure it will withstand the cold weather here in Canada. My 2nd option would be to get new shocks like Bilstein B8 and new coils, longer than the stock ones, but... what coils?

    I forgot to say, I don't necessarily want to lower the car. I simply want a good and reliable suspension.

    With that being said, what would be your recommendation? Any other option to look for?

    Thank you!

    mzaremba ·

    Good morning sir. I have been doing some research over the past week and you stand out of the crowd for your knowledge about coils and shocks. I am not a gear head and need some guidance, if you are willing of course.:D

    I am your average hockey dad with an '08 9-3 TurboX SportCombi that has a little pep to it, VTuner Stage 2 mod with an upgrade to a 19T turbo. I was informed that my rear shocks are leaking. I am not a track guy but would like to maintain, or even improve handling. I see that you are not a fan of the Maptun option. I also see that you have made several recommendations. These are not topics that are in my wheel house, but I understand that my model had self adjusting/leveling shocks.

    With that being said, what application would you recommend that would take into consideration that my vehicle had these types of shocks and to be within a US $2K limit?


    Matthew Zaremba
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