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  • 900power ·
    I read about your oil filter removal trick in the archives using a screw driver and hammer. Just what I needed the other day.
    Sipes216 ·
    hey man. just wanted to clarify something. in my thread about the base boost, it was mentioned to perma-ground the black wire from the apc solenoid, bypassing all else behind it.
    with the apc on "fulltime" does the car have regular normal operation, or can this lead to overboosting?

    i'm game for trying it, but i just don't know ALL times in which the apc should be disabled.
    16saabs ·
    Paul, could you please send me your home em address, as I have changed comps and haven't got my em address book copied over yet.
    thank you
    secondsaab ·
    Just take it to the shop mate......regarding water, may you never hear me speak of it again. I'm dry. 14 hrs later.
    B202NUT ·
    hey paul, quick question in the "stupid questions" thread, can you take a peak if you have a second.

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