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  • Lemons ·
    Hey Paul, looks like I am not the only one asking about this, but I would love a quick write-up on your green LEDs (the ones in the door handle and the speaker grills).
    CamoKing88 ·
    Hey Paul, I was wondering if you did a write up on the LEDs in the ignition module. I would like to do it and was wondering if you could give me some guidance since if I remove the module, I won't be able to drive it until it is done. Thanks a lot.
    mattweasel ·
    Hi Paul.
    Apologies if you have been askes this before (I have been searching the entire internet to no avail), but I saw in one of your posts that the LEDs you installed in your licence plate do not suffer the flicker problems I keep reading about.
    It seems you may be the only person who has struck the correct bulb! Could you send me a link to them? I checked the eBay link in your post but the item has long since expired.

    I want mine to match the factory xenons, but I just couldn't cope with anything other than the behavior of stock filament bulbs.

    Many thanks
    abzy ·
    Hi Paul, I have a Saab 9-3 2004 and it does not have a 12v power outlet in the armrest. I wanted to ask how i would go about to powering that? I think i read that you mentioned you had installed one but i cant seem to find where :( Hope you can help. thank you.
    keno317 ·
    I believe I have seen you saying something about painting the plastic trim on the outside of your car. I want to paint the plastic on the front and rear bumpers and also the plastic side skirts but I want to make sure it will look the same as the rest of the car. Just wanted to see if this would be a problem or not.

    SAABalingus ·
    Hey Paul, are ya ever gonna get back to me about the badge i was interested in? Please, i would appreciate it. Thanx mate.
    SAABalingus ·
    Hey Paul,
    Is it possible I can purchase one of those clear SAAB badges for the front grille from you. I would be very appreciative.
    Hueso8 ·
    hi paul im having problems on how to install an amp and sub. Do i have to connect something to a fuse in the trunk? It's my first system and i don't wanna pay 100 bucks to get it install:(
    Ady_E ·
    Hi paul. A few weeks back you meantioned in a post that you found a torrent for updated satnav maps. Do you still have the download? If not, what did you use as your search term as I've tried from time to time but haven't found anything. Thanks and regards.
    swissroll ·
    Paul, looking at how you have put your system together is exactly how I did mine. I had the same problem - as I read it you have noise when the stereo is off but Amp on - again identical problem. I have multiple new amps and the big problem was in the 6*9s . I debugged everything without resolving and then put a really high quality LOC replacing Halfords £5 specials with rther expensive FLIs - problem solved. Try and beg or borrow a good LOC if you can to test, I reckon almost certainly thats the problem.
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