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  • SaabandtheBeast ·
    Hi Paco, how are ya doing? i was asked to look for you with regards to transmission strengthening and strangely i came across your posts on a volvo forum as well enquiring about the AW55-50SN.

    I hope you can help me out here. I have considered Level 10 among the others to do some strengthening of my automatic transmission to endure higher limits safely.

    I am hoping you could point me out in the right direction.

    Thanks mate!
    edwardk ·
    Hey I was reading through the old threads and I saw you managed to eliminate the stock diverter valve on the car by using a blocking plate and then hooking up an after market bov I'm going to attempt this my self when I order all my parts Friday. But I was wondering if you ever had an adverse effects after you did this. Also what year was the saab mines a 2007 2.0t I've owned Saabs before but never anything this new. Thanks for any advice you could give me
    ownedinthedome ·
    Hey how's it going I was reading on the post about the DIY intercooler and by page 11 I gave up to see if you were ever going to give a price for selling the piping kit for this upgrade so decided I'd shoot you a message and see. I'm looking to do the Cxracing 27x10x3 and was wondering if you could make me up a piping kit to make my life easier haha. Thanks
    boost 93 '05 ·
    Hey paco I just ordered a set of Ngk iridium TR7iX performance plugs heat range 7 14mm thread type they should be ok? Days they are for a mustang gt500 lol with higher boost etc. I am just tired of replacing those **** copper plugs John has me on I go thru a set of them in a cpl days of pulls!?!?!?!?
    Fatouhi ·
    Hey Paco I hope you don't mind helpin. Me out but I'm a fan of your bov guide I followed all the instructions I hit limp mode unfortunately my car isa 2006 saab 93 2.0T I have a hks bov and a vtuner ecu reflash I don't understand why I'm Getting the cel codes any ideas?
    Brandnew70x7 ·
    Hey do you know if #8741-1479 L &R SPORT FRONT #8040-1342 Koni Yellows will work on the 2008 9-3 2.0T? It says its for 2003-2007 and I've been seeing some talk involving you and I figured I'd go to the source. From what you've been saying it seems like the answer is it will fit but I wanna be absolutely sure.
    duchski ·

    I understand you have the H&R installed on your car. Do you happen to now what is the camber up front and in the rear? I had my alignment done to factory specs and somethething is not right. I think it was better before the adjustment...

    Thanks in advance,

    93AeroFTW ·
    Hey I was wondering if u could help me regarding vtunes. Can u manually tune it yourself without credits and it be fairly simple?
    UrbanLegend711 ·
    Hey it's Kim, you bought the exhaust for your 9-3 from me. Apparently I had registered on here a long time ago and forgotten that I had a user Anyway, here I am. Oooh, I just bought a 1968 95 estate as a fun little toy and resto project. :)
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