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  • tikisue ·
    Please help...I'm not sure where to post this..1990 Saab 900. put in new fuel pump and filter and she won't start...Does have spark. Thanks for your help!
    rigger8 ·
    Hi there, I managed to loose all of your contact details a while back. Can we please continue our conversation regarding the Chillcast rebuild? Thanks, Pab
    michaelhw ·
    hello moderator

    I sent a request a few weeks ago to be allowed to post something in the UK parts for sale and never got any answer.

    I have been a member for some years and would appreciate you allowing me to post.



    michaelhw you do not have permission to access this page etc, it wont let me copy and paste the full dialogue.
    Gazolzwurf ·
    Please can you enable editing of the early posts on this thread so I can add the pictures back in?

    This thread has saved countless 9-5s from the infamous sludge and will undoubtedly save many more, if we can resurrect it.

    Something that may be of more interest to the owners of these forums is the fact that this thread has attracted more viewers to this website than any other non-sticky thread in the 9-5 forum.

    Resurrecting the thread is not only good for 9-5 owners, it's also good for business.

    Are you able to help?

    Many thanks,
    epka ·
    i've been following your project and noticed the warning sign decals that you have printed. As mine are completely destroyed it would be nice to put some new ones instead. Is it possible to get the original file of these decals so to print them out later?
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