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  • northernsaab ·
    So I have a 2004 Saab 93 sedan 2lt Turbo issue is AC not blowing cold at all.
    I put my Tech II on it and pressure is showing like 27 bars or 100PSI!! this would correspond to the level of high pressure. (which makes sense since the AC clutch is not engaged)
    The fan for the AC is running all the time (not the inside fan but the one beside the engine fan)
    If I bypass the AC relay the AC clutch engages and blows cold air low AC pressure drops to 18 to 27 PSI).
    Additionally AC condensor temp is listed as -40 deg when AC not operating (tech II)
    and 5V I suspect this is a sensor measuring the the temp of the condensor additionally I suspect it is bad and is giving the ECU faulty info and it refuses to enable the AC relay in turn. I have no idea as to where to locate it anybody have any ideas???
    This winter I replaced the AC pressure sensor and codensor drier. Vaccumed system and recharged. Working properly now, low pressure @27 to 35 high pressure 100 to 140 cold air blows at about 0 deg
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