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  • PT-NYC ·

    Saw your old post about the seal/gasket for the vacuum pump and have two questions I hope you can answer (besides how well is it holding up?): Do you need one 55561100 for the pump to block seal and also one o-ring (-232 or 90486232) for the body? If so, and you still have lots of extra o-rings, would you send me one? I'd be happy to pay you. My zip is 19428 in the U.S.

    J4MES ·
    Hi mate added yah need some advise whats my cheapest option back home I have for 2nd key etc as of tomorrow I will be the owner and it only comes with 1 key.. would be shiity myself if I lose the key etc lol..
    RickBehling ·
    Hey Andrew, Helen and I had a great time on the fall colors tour on Sunday. BTW I joined the Saab owners group. I just got an email from Rob at Fisher's garage. He says that if I add an Aero turbo/injectors plus a revamped tune, my 2003 Saab Linear would be transformed into as he says "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". The actual numbers would be 265-270 HP and around 325 lb./ft. of torque! I think the "ricers" driving Honda Civic's are in trouble!
    nkrptd ·
    So far so good mate, as far as I can tell. Suspected a coil pack (no cel etc) but what happens sometimes is so minor I could be just mistaking the slight vibration for tires and an alignment
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