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  • danielreeves86 ·
    okay im not too sure about theses saabs but im pretty new to this and i just got one given to me by my cousin its stock but high mileage but all matainece has been done wondering what up grades i can do to make it clean but a little bit quicker but the cheap route
    lefs ·
    Hey I read your post about the head gasket dilema. Im in the process of doing mine and was hoping you could answer some questions. 1. did you jack up the engine when removing the engine mount bolts? I understand after all said and done you timing was the issue. and tips on what not or what to do with on that? thanks, Matt
    SaabGuy30 ·
    Hey! I noticed your sig say you also have a 928 - Mine is an '80 EuroS 5 spd - what's yours? Regards, 'C' in NH, USA 90&96 9000CS, 80 928S, 70 914-6, and lots of parts...
    mariomtti ·
    Hey man

    Thanks alot for that link yesterday - I got it sorted anyway and got the dash off and a Motor Electronic person is not looking into it.... Again Thanks a million
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