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  • aceattack52 ·
    Hey Mimmi,
    Thanks for trying to help with the issue with the brightness for my radio. I'm having a lot of trouble posting the video link ect. Here is the link detailing my issue: Saab Radio Issue - YouTube Thank You!!
    chrisc1748 ·
    Thank you I really appreciate that. But I think I'll keep it the way I have it, the central locking system keeps blowing fuses and I don't have time to see where the fault is
    Mimmi ·
    Löytyy, löytyy.
    Olen jopa päässyt laskuttamaan viittä merkkiliikettä TECH operoinneista.
    Pelkästään Saabeja on ollut vasta vuodesta 1997. Nyt on menossa Saabit 14 ja 15.
    Tälläkin hetkellä on parkkiksella 2 farkkufemmaa.
    Minut saat kiinni maililla saab (at) welho piste com tai luurilla 0400 695 494

    A.PS ·

    Löytyikö sinulta Tech 2? Tietoa sinulla näistä peleistä näyttää löytyvän paljonkin. Jos joskus tarvitsee lisää teknistä konsultaatiota.

    swoony ·
    Originally Posted by Mimmi View Post
    ECU controls battery charging. Check wires between alternator and ECU.
    Alternator L - ECU 16 and alternator F- ECU 9.

    Would you mind elaborating on this, I think I am having an issue related to your suggested point.

    Thanks much!
    Mimmi ·
    If dealer do not want to make katsastus, you should have discount about 500e.
    Maintenance costs are up to you. I'd take car to Saab dealer and buy Saab 3D original service (from 159e) and listen to their suggestions (not necessary buying their extra services w/o pre-priced). Those fluids changes are depending previous services.
    I think that 6000e - 6500e is good price.
    If you want, I can check this car prior buying, I charge 100e for my time and TECH2 operations.
    payaa ·
    Thx for your reply! Yes, i want to tell to dealer make new katsastus because if not then I not buy it. And what about maintenance cost? This cars reliable? What about automatic shifting? This automatic clutch works good in saab not broken early? What I need usually immediately change if I buy it? Oils, filters, spark plugs, automatic gearbox oil? They have winter tires just in the car trunk. And how much money if I want to buy this car and I would like that you see before and check with computer and this things? Just I dont know really SAAB and I dont want buy **** car and after pay few thousands to repair it.
    Mimmi ·
    That seems OK car from pics.
    More detailed analysis requires test drive and checking on-site.
    Weaknesses are broken front springs, front suspension upper bearings, rear axle "boomerangs" (upper link arm). This car has 175hp gasoline engine version. This car can modify to BioPower, you can drive with (bio)ethanol or gasoline or any mixture of them.
    How about winter tires? Pics do not show them.
    Katsastus is 13 may to 13 sep, I'll want katsastus too.
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