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  • doug_b_white ·
    Hey, I just got my saab 9-5, have seen a 155 on the speedo, but I gotta have a bit of a down hill run to get from 4th to 5th as it shifts very slow and this causes it to drop off the boost and it goes into a shift to 5th, drop back to 4th, up . . . . loop. So I wanna change the tranny fluid and have no dipstick and no torex head nut on the tranny. Below the fuse box, in back of the battery their are two likely bolts, the one closest to the firewall looks like the drain bolt but is maybe 28mm, the other is a 16. I hate to guess, can you help me?
    Getinviggywithit ·
    I'll talk to the guy this week and make sure it's cool to pass on his number. All of this is his personal collection of cars. It's not a scrap yard.
    05Aero21 ·
    Hey Roger!

    I'm on my 2nd oil change w/M1 TDT. I've noticed 2K into this 2nd change that my oil is a little lower than expected when I checked the dipstick. I added more to compensate. Just wondering about this being attributed to the oil or something else.
    Car is getting good gas mileage and has no drivability issues.
    I did replace the turbo bypass valve prior to the 2nd oil change. I've noticed a significant difference in boost holding better w/the new TBV. Could this be a factor in the increased oil consumption.......the increased boost from the turbo? Also did a coolant change as well. I appears to be a little dirtier at 2K in, than last change. Using the Purolator filter ( std. size) but it's the better Puro filter.....the yellow ones.
    May try Rotella T6 next time round. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
    MI-Roger ·
    Yes, the suspension made a HUGE difference! But realize I had around 270K miles on the original base model front struts, front springs, front strut bearings, & rear springs, and 80K miles on the rear shocks at time of installation. I knew I needed new front struts and would be needing new rear shocks soon, and since the cost of the entire suspension kit from eEuroparts was slightly less expensive than replacement OEM parts, and much less expensive tha aftermarket Bilstein or Koni parts the decision was an easy one.
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