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  • cj5mike ·

    This is Mike, I purchased a turbo from you about 3 years ago. I drove up from Chapel Hill and met at the Richmond airport. Hope all is well. I've been following the VA SAAB club and see some of you guys are heading to Wendell, NC for some tuning. It looks like a fun group with great events. Unfortunately I missed the tuning event with MPS in Williamsburg and was wondering if he was traveling to Wendell next weekend. I may drive to Wendell to meet up with you guys. What's the location?

    Thanks, Mike
    fdw201 ·
    Hey - I would take one of the net/bolt sets off your hands. Where are you at the moment on the price? Thanks!
    Jeffreywp1 ·
    Can you send pictures to my email? [email protected] The images on the forum are small and slow to load. How have the wheels been stored? The tires should be ok as long as they have been out of the sun and weather. How much tread is left?

    cj5mike ·

    Would you take $200.00 for you td04? You will not have to ship it. I'll be in Richmond in the next few days and will be able to pay you cash and pick it.

    cj5mike ·
    I'm helping my son get his 2003 9-5 back on the road. We just pulled his g17 turbo yesterday. It's toast and needs a new CHRA. We're considering upgrading to a td04, is yours still available?
    K-900 ·
    Hey man I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, I actually joined the airforce so I've been away in training. I'm still away now. Did you end up purchasing the viggen? Besides updating the Pcv breather system for the oil to prevent sludge there really isn't mug of a difference between a viggen and a 900/9-3 turbo. Except of course the displacement body kit turbo size etc. To maintain it wasn't anymore exapensive!
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