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  • Harry_Pend ·
    Hi Pete,
    Have you had any luck in finding more information about non-Saab TIS versions? I am looking for one for GM/Chevrolet.
    Best regards,
    boss_time ·
    Hello Pete!
    Sorry for my late reply! I've had no problems with my Tech2 and as far as I can tell "Autotooldiy store" is as good as any of the other "high rankning" sellers on Alieexpress, at least quick with delivery and good packaging. As I've had no trouble with my unit I really can't tell you how they behave if something goes wrong..
    I've tested the Tech2 with a 2007 9-5 and a 2008 9-3 and both seems OK, got security access for the 9-3 using an old laptop and the GlobalTIS software from one of the links on SAAB-central. I've done error code reading, small software adjustments and calibrated xenon level-sensors - haven't tried any ECU updates or reprogramming.
    Best regards
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