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  • Daddyo45 ·
    Hi Matthew,
    Just wanted to say thanks for your write up on changing the clutch. Quite a few time savers in there. Also, as for compressing the new pressure plate for tool installation, a length of 5/8 threaded rod two stout washers and bolts, set the plate on my bench , stuck the rod thru the bench and tightened the nuts until the tool popped into place. Thought you might like to know another method. Thanks again.
    nuclear944 ·
    Hello, Matthew,
    it seems like you need to approve two posts that a made yesterday...
    Am I going to have to request approval every time?
    nigelgrn ·
    Hi Matthew,
    I have a 1988 Sabb 900 T16 with LH 2.2. Struggling a bit with adequate fuel. I'm not wanting 250hp or anything,but I have spent literally years fiddling around with various setups.
    Your UK car is similar to my NZ new car, unlike all the US cars the forums talk about. I have been importing and selling 900s since 1995 and I have been modifying my 900T since 1993 so I have quite a bit of experience in the UK-spec cars

    My question is this: I want to run standard injectors.I am not interested in remapped chips as I do not trust the guys who remap them (I have tried a few US-sourced chips).I do not think that the few dollars I spend on the fuel system will match in any way the millions Saab spent on designing it. So, a little tweak, to match the ignition and APC tweaks I have already done. My thinking is either:
    1. A RRFPR
    2. An AMM tweak to fool the EFI computer into either giving more fuel or less with larger injectors - I sell Saab parts so have a full range available to me
    JPS21N ·
    Hi Matthew,
    I have tried to post a new thread about my rain water flood onto the driver floorboards (passenger pre conversion?) twice now but neither has been displayed. I emailed after the first failed attempt but have no reply to that either.
    Would you tell me what I am doing wrong please?
    Cheers, Amanda
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