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  • buckster ·
    Thanks for your imput on belt problem. Didn't change pump this time so pulley is same. Was able to find number on shredded belt and is same as new one, GM 93181720. I was hoping it would be different to hopefully explain problem. I can't imagine tensioner pulley diameter different on new one. Still a mystery, guess I'll call my Saab guru Pete.
    Jontim ·
    My engine light went on and I pulled the code and I get P0116 (Power Train code) Engine Coolant temperature circuit range/performance problem. Are you familiar with this problem? Is it the temperature sensor that I have to replace? I have no coolant leaks. The heater works fine. It's just the needle on the temperature gauge that once in a while doesn't work - drops to the COLD position. Any suggestions?
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