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  • MacNoob ·
    I don't know much about the V6, better off to post your query in the correct forum. Oil in the coolant on the 6 is often caused by a bad oil cooler, which is located under the intake manifold on this engine.
    lloydgoodman94 ·
    Hello MacNoob, I have a 1999 Saab 9-5 V6 SE, and i Have oil in my coolant tank. I had

    the Radiator replaced because my mechanic said that could be the problem

    because it would take about 20 minutes for it to run hot. a couple of days after

    he replaced the radiator oil was back in the coolant tank. But today, It ran hot

    and would run hot every couple of minutes, does it sound like my Head gasket

    is blown?
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