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  • MrB-0593 ·
    Here is my list hopefully its not too much :) ...
    Door look automatically at 7.5mph on/off
    Driver's door unlocks automatically when key removed
    Automatic locking of car if left unlocked for a specified time
    program two additional key fobs
    "Follow me home" enable
    Front marker lights on when car in reverse
    eastendglen ·
    wow I thought I would give you some cash first but I really appreciate that and will send money for caliper brackets and beer lol
    eastendglen ·
    hey I appreciate you selling these 308mm caliper carriers. I take it you don't have anything you can use them on.

    I am going to give the girls name because if you ship with ups (prefer not) I will be extorted for more money

    Rochelle Pittman
    Calgary Alberta Canada
    1970stage1455 ·
    I see you have a tech 2 can you help program a cim to my car in located in egg harbor township 08234 will pay if your willing to travel
    bear1959 ·
    Hi , i purchased a cut .replacement key for my 2005 9-5 arc wagon. I have an old key from another 9-5 with remote. Would you be interested in programing it to work with my car.
    iitsrayy ·
    Hey man, I don't know why I can send private messages... So I think the shipping price is pretty reasonable, whats the price for the side skirts?
    eidsvik ·
    I see if I can zap that visitor message, Strange.

    Update: I got nothin' I would either approve the message and then delete it. If that doesn't work report it in the technical issues forum. Sorry. Probably driving you crazy!
    liquidreality ·
    yeah, people are saying that the window switches need to be married to the car, which would explain why my passenger door repair will only responds to the switch on the door, the driver master control wont open it.

    I'll see what i can dig up regarding SPS access. This needs to be done on the software side or the vehicle side?
    LEP3 ·
    You sure you need a Tech II for that? Check the Tech II forum. I still have not gotten the SPS crack for mine. Asked a dude and total silence. I wrecked my '99 Wagon and have not been in a big hurry to get SPS access. This Summer when I do my wife's car definitely. I'll see if I can find the card of the guy who helped me last fall. I will let you know his info.
    liquidreality ·
    Hey man, i was wondering if you still do Tech2 requests i have two window switches i need to marry, one being the drivers side control that i have not t purchased as i am waiting to fin who can do it. Might try to get a new if someone is willing to help me out. Let me know if you are still around, live in Atlantic City area we'd have to plan this out, time and cost, ahead of time
    Citoyen du Monde ·
    Hi, I live just up the road from Haddonfield and am trying to get a new keyfob programmed (I still have one fob). I was told that you have the necessary tool to do this. Could I have you do the programming once I get the replacement fob? What would the cost be? I am not yet able to send private messages yet because I do not have enough messages yet.
    LEP3 ·
    I forgot to get pics. I was in Florida over the weekend driving an '87 Mustang GT convertible 5sp with only 16k on the clock for my Father. Florida to Jersey. I'll have pics real soon, sorry about that. Ted
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