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  • Adrian92 ·
    That would be so sick, but I would like to meet other people that have Saabs and just spend time chilling. Especially since school is stressing me out and taking up so much of my time. But that story you said was crazy haha. I love people who know stuff about Saabs, most people don't. I've never used any other website for Saabs other than SaabCentral.

    You said you go down to Plainville for the movies huh? I am literally a 2 minute drive from the move theater itself. I live off the street between Citgo(I think? haha) and J. Timothy's. Street is called Cooke Street, live right off of that road haha.
    I wouldn't mind being known for one of the few people who started Saab meets in CT haha ;P One every 2 weeks or month or whatever to just meet up and hangout.

    Thanks for having interest in starting something like this up,

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